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COVID-19 | We will get through this together!

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We are currently in a unique and extremely difficult time with more challenges to face ahead. The uncertainty and pressures arising from the evolving situation with COVID-19 puts us all in difficult positions.

We understand our health system is working around the clock to prepare for what is still to come. Health Trade Services is called upon by health facilities due to an understanding of clinical and procedural operations while providing trade and infrastructure support.

It is important that health facilities infrastructure is maintained to support our clinical needs during this demanding time. Health Trade Services understands this and is providing full support to help work through this together.

During this time, we have increased our safety and awareness with Toolbox-Talks along with broadcasting the latest hygiene and infection control advice through our instant messaging channels.

In the last month we have performed a number of ward relocation/expansions and upgrades as well as temporary COVID-19 clinics.

These are all strategically coordinated with clinical staff and operations to provide as minimal impact as possible. Health Trade Services understands patient outcome and care is the utmost priority.

We will get through this together!


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